Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Take Me Out To a Library!

OH, my goodness! I've got to keep this entry short because I just returned from purchasing a major collection of baseball books from a collector in the South Bay and I want to price these tonight and get them onto the shelves for all of you! Signed Bob Feller or Joe Morgan books anyone? Hall of Famers both! Scads of classics: Ball Four, Ring Around the Bases, 1956 My Favorite Summer, Say Hey, The Giants of the Polo Grounds, etc. . . If you dig it, you should come.

And next Wednesday, July 1st I'll be bringing a different stack of tomes down to Hawthorne Lane for another appearance on the KFOG Morning Show. Tune your radio dial to 104.5fm at 7:15am (ugh, i know) and crank-up The Bookguy. If I'm too loud, you're too old...

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