Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book of the Month Commercial #9: Running Away by Jean-Philippe Toussaint!!

Be gone, Overwhelmed By Books Disorder!

Our November Book of the Month has its very own commercial. Why did it take so long to get a new commercial up, you might ask? Well, you might want to ask our star, Mr. Nick "I Ordered Two Fruit Baskets, Now Get Out of My Dressing Room" about that. Anyway, we're very excited about our new BOTM, Running Away by long-time staff favorite Jean-Philippe Toussaint.

Nick says of the book, "Toussaint's latest [translated] novel pulls the reader into a jet-lag reality of adventure and complications--this book moves--when an unnamed man goes on what he considers a vacation. He had only one small task for his girlfriend, which pulls him into the foreign land of Shanghai, then speeding through the night to Beijing. This novel is always immediate, yet it has a tender feeling. Toussaint's usual (albeit unusual) understanding of the human condition shines in Running Away.

A paperback original, too, so it's only $12.95."

You can't beat that with a bat!