Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Read digital AND shop local

As we hope you've heard by now, you can now buy eBooks from Green Apple for any device (except the Kindle; only the tax-dodging Amazon sells those). Also, price competition has mostly gone away, so Green Apple's Google eBooks match all other sellers on price for most eBooks. All else being equal, why not get them from Green Apple?

Intimidated? Don't be. Even Sparky the Sock can do it (and he can barely turn pages in real books). Check it out.

Our site also offers title suggestions to get you started, and tutorials for any device. Getting set up will take a few minutes, but then your books will always be available (since they're stored in "the cloud") and ordering is super easy.

help spread the word. Most people who read eBooks don't think of Green Apple as a go-to source. But now you can do your part to keep Green Apple thriving by telling your e-reading pals to buy them from us. Thanks!

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