Friday, October 21, 2011

Announcing the Apple-a-Month Club

Here's your chance to spend less time shopping and more time reading

We want you to visit the store. We stay open late and often and are always happy to see you. But we realize that for a lot of you, there are factors that might make it difficult to visit the Inner Richmond. Whether your schedule is too full, or your commute too long, or you've moved away (do you miss us? we miss you), we understand that getting here can sometimes prove challenging.

With that in mind, we've started a new subscription service, the Apple-a-Month Club, in which we, your ever-diligent Green Apple staff, scour piles of new fiction releases to find the perfect paperback to send directly to your home each month (for 3, 6, or 12 month installments).

We're casting our nets far and wide in our search for a book we feel so excited about that we want to send it out into the world: one month the book might be a page-turner from an author we wish more people read; the next might be a new translation or an overlooked small press gem. Whatever the case, we'll send you (or the lucky recipient of a gift subscription--hint, hint) the book and a handwritten card as to why we've chosen as we did.

For more information and to order a subscription in any of the available installments, please visit our subscription page.

[Photo: Andre Kertesz]


Deepa said...

This makes me so happy because yes, I did move away and yes, I do miss you. This is a great way to stay connected to good old Green Apple and support you all too!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see GA do this!!! I suggested something like this on FB a while ago (not trying to take credit) and I think its a good move. I would LOVE to see you guys do a store wide program for supporters-maybe a $10 a month club where you get 25% off on all purchases. The income would EASILY out weight the cost and most (including myself) would be happy to support GA. I think people are finally starting to realize what they are losing when they decide everything should be free (for them) and starting to value things. Will subscribe soon!

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Trey Smith Blog said...
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