Monday, April 13, 2009

The Art of the Shelf-Talker...

Shelf-Talkers are a very important part of Green Apple. You see them all over the store giving you advice on why you should read those books. Most of them you see on the display tables & the Staff Favorites, but they are strewn all over the store. Those of you who shop our store frequently probably recognize handwriting & initials & know whose taste suits you most. This week I thought I’d highlight a few for you. Part of the beauty is the handwritten & sometimes illustrated work that goes into the shelf-talker, other times it can just be the be the writing that draws you in.

(Click on the pictures to see a larger size)

Bing: Yuk! - Part of the beauty of this one is that the shelf-talker itself is bigger then the book.

Stuff White People Like -

A Fan's Notes -

Bigfoot: I Not Dead -
A Drink With Shane Magowan -


Roman said...

what, no Big Penis Book???

npb said...

There are many more instalments to come.

Midpoint Trade Books said...


Seth Christenfeld said...

A Pogues fan who doesn't know how to spell Shane McGowan's last name? For shame! (For Shane?)

kpr said...

I can't believe that shelf talker has been there for 5 years without anyone noticing that. What's even funnier is that his name is actually spelled MacGowan!

Seth Christenfeld said...

I'm going to go ahead and swear to god and Garcia Marquez that my misspelling was a typo. ;)

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks so much for your comment at I Work In A Shop!
I'm so pleased you enjoyed the blog - I'll be sure to keep visiting The Green Apple Core too, it's a great read.
I'm glad the Guardian picked it up for me to discover it.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to say I was sold on Bing:Yuk from that shelftalker and i'm forever indebted to that shelftalker as a result.