Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Record Store Day!

Today marks the 2nd annual Record Store Day, where independent music retailers across the country encourage music lovers to step away from the computer, face the sunshine, and walk into your favorite neighborhood record shop. With corporate heavyweights like Virgin Megastore liquidating their inventories, now is the time for the little guy to shine.

Here at our Green Apple Annex (520 Clement St.) we feature new, used, and rare vinyl, all lovingly handpicked by our two music professors Scotty B. and Johnny P. (but please don't tell them I called them that). Our CDs range from buzz bands to something off the beaten path and pretty much everything in-between, again all selected by us.

So whether you're venturing into our 'hood or not, support your local record store (and here in this city, we've gone tons). And when you do come by, we promise you we won't treat you like this:


Roman said...

that Buffalo Springfield album is filed under AC/DC!

it's chops bustin' time.

Spiros said...

Annex monkeys.