Thursday, December 17, 2009

Clement Street parking or curbside pickup?

We know parking in San Francisco can be a challenge. While the Richmond is probably easier than some neighborhoods (North Beach, the Marina, Valencia Street. . . .), we know it's not easy. But you gotta get your holiday shopping done, right? So here's our advice:

Link1) Take Muni. The 38, 2, 1, and 44 all stop within a block of Green Apple. And the $2 fare is the same cost as an hour of metered parking. More info here.
2) Ride your bike. Get healthy, save on gas, and park right out front. Above is the fancy new rack just installed in front of the annex. This can help plan the least hilly route.
3) Order online. If you order your books (and shirts and gift cards), pay online, and choose "in-store pick-up," you can then pick up your order curbside. Just call us with your order # when you're a few blocks away and we'll meet you in front of the store.
4) Order online and have us ship your books. It doesn't cost much.
5) See this post for David LaBua's tips on parking near Green Apple.

Green Apple is, of course, best experienced in person, not online. And the hunt for parking always pays off when you find 5 more things you hadn't planned on buying, which allows you to cross 5 more names off your shopping list. Plus you can eat great food nearby, buy cake at Schubert's, grab a cup of coffee at Toy Boat or a drink at the 540 Club. And isn't it always better to get out in the world than live in front of you computer?

Schubert's Swedish Princess Cake

We hope to see you soon. . . .

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Anonymous said...

This is a great option! And not just for drivers, by the way; as a parent of a grabby little toddler who likes to pull books off shelves I rarely get to indulge in leisurely book shopping. This makes it possible to get my shopping done locally while not having to brave the crowded aisles with toddler in tow. We can just wheel on up with the stroller.