Thursday, February 19, 2009

Clement Street is not unlike the Serengeti.

If you're a driver in the ol' Inner Richmond, then you already know that Clement St. is a different beast: a place where the pedestrians reign supreme... and you and your pitiful automobile are just in the way! Where double parking isn't even illegal anymore! Where three-wheeled DPT Interceptors feed upon the meek like vultures! Where hunting for a parking spot could lead to (a) severe road rage, or (b) muttering a silent prayer to the parking spot gods!

Enter David LaBua, author of Finding the Sweet Spot: the Insider's Guide to Parking in San Francisco! He recently emphasized to us the use of strategy when finding a delectable parking spot:

"People are quite habitual in the mornings. They tend to leave the house close to the exact time every morning. The next morning, go to one of the observed cars a few minutes before they left the previous day, and wait. Chances are that they will be leaving their spot at the exact same time. And he will have his personal reserved spot each morning."

Like a lion waiting to pounce upon its prey.

"Another great thing is that residential parking is limited to 2 hours... these 2 hour signs are only enforced for 100 feet. I found 7 spots that are 100 plus feet from the 2 hour sign. This means that you can park there all day, as the 2 hour time limit is not enforceable. The spots are on 12th Ave between Lake and California from in front of 130 12th Ave all the way up to California St."

So remember these tips the next time you take a drive to Green Apple! Drive like a stealthy parking ninja!


Rita said...

That sounds like an awesome book... I'll be sure to check it out the next time I'm in Green Apple!

Anonymous said...

I learned a great method from a friend in Geneva. When you leave home, IMAGINE that someone is saving you a place to park. I am pretty good on Clement, but North Beach is another story.