Thursday, February 19, 2009

KFOG plus 3 Easy Pieces (and Why I read)

if you have ever considered getting up early in the morning, then next tuesday the 24th would be the perfect occasion for such madness, as i'll be donning my official "book guy" cap and going on the KFOG morning show to review a big stack o' tomes at 7:15am (ugh). i've been a regular guest on KFOG for close to 10 years now, but my next spot (tuesday 24th at 7:15(ugh)) will be the first time without the wonderful presence of host Dave Morey, who has left the bay area for the whiter pastures of michigan. dave is one of the classiest acts that i've ever known, and while i'm sure that the morning show gang will do just fine without him, and that his replacement webster is a great guy who will do a stellar job, i'm still gonna really, really miss him. anyway, tune in on tuesday at 7:15am (ugh): 104.5fm or

swung by the ha-ra last week for the launch party of peter maravelis' wonderful collection of pulpy-stuff, San Francisco Noir 2, and while barman / noir expert carl played it fairly nice for the massive crowd, he had every reason to be grinning from ear to ear - the number of readers participating was truly staggering; i'll bet at least 10 folks took the mic that night to read from their appearances in SF2. From Don Herron, David Corbett and Dominic Stansberry to John f'n Shirley(!), the words flew like a barrage of fists, and yet a fine time was had by all! after the readings, and fairly well into the night, i convinced author craig clevenger (whose debut novel The Contortionists Handbook completely wowed me when i read it a few years ago) to take a brief moment and participate in the:

3 Easy Pieces (and why I read)

Craig's 3Easy from kevin hunsanger on Vimeo.

thanks craig! now, who's going to be next?

lastly, it's an endless source of amusement what we find tucked inside of the used books that come across our buy counter. family photos, foreign money, love letters, parking tickets, baseball cards. . .well, the list can just go on and on and on. we have some items on 'display' along the front wall of the main store, and a staff member has even gone so far as to accumulate 5 entire photo albums chock full of these found shots, but all this pales compared to an art project that i recently heard about, Nameless LeTTer. In a nutshell, it's a social website / collaborative art project where people from all horizons leave personalized bookmarks in books with the goal of seeing other readers discover them...beautiful! i love the notion of someone creating a unique item and then tucking it away to (maybe) be found later, like the one above, inserted at a particular page number in lord of the rings! i love hoping that one day i'll find one myself - and i certainly encourage anyone and everyone to feel free and use green apple books as a frame for your beauty.

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