Monday, March 16, 2009

The Fat Man and Infinity & Other Writings by António Lobo Antunes

Many know José Saramago, the Portuguese author of The Cave, Blindness (my staff favorite), & his most recent novel, Death With Interruptions. After winning the Nobel Prize for literature in 1998, there was a lot of controversy in Portugal as to who should have rightly won the award, Saramago or António Lobo Antunes. Despite the rivalry they are two of my favorite authors. Their styles are far from alike, though both represent a strong sense of pride for their native country.

Now that I've said all that, I want to talk about The Fat Man and Infinity & Other Writings by António Lobo Antunes. Translated by Margaret Jull Costa, the award-winning translator of Fernando Pessoa & Saramago, these stories read like the short & beautiful recollections of a gifted writer. His musings mostly run about three to four pages long; nonetheless, they are vivid sketches of the world around him. At times I read this book straight though, others I read as I randomly flip through. This is a beautiful work by an amazing writer. If you need to read a few to give you an idea, try "The Champion" (page 29), "The Book Fair" (page 113), & "Random Ghosts" (page 277).

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Rui Pedro Lérias said...

It's so funny to read about Lobo Antunes and Saramago in your blog! I'm Portuguese and it feels like overhearing someone talk about your family without being recognised.

Although I don't care particularly for either, reading about them here did confirm in my mind that you people are doing an amazing job over there.

I discovered your blog recently - you can blame the book vs. kindle video series on getting an international audience - and am going through all the posts.

And you already made me want to read some titles, feel sad about the departure of some staff member I don't even know! and wonder if the redhead ever got the bookseller!

I'm enjoying it very much and want to congratulate you all.

Keep the good work! And best of luck.