Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Lost City of Z

David Grann has written about many strange and fantastic subjects for the New Yorker. From the hunt for the Giant Squid to the mysterious death of the world's greatest Sherlock Holmes expert. Now you can enjoy his equally exciting new book.

The Lost City of Z is Grann's attempt to figure out what happened to Victorian explorer Percy Fawcett and his son as they tried, in 1925, to find an ancient mythical kingdom, El Dorado, in the depths of the Amazon jungle.

This an exciting book: part travel narrative, part history, part science, and mostly mystery. Grann's narrative is well written, at times brutally descriptive, and always entertaining. Reading this book made me want to explore the jungles of the Amazon to see for myself what might have happened to Fawcett. His obsession quickly becomes yours.

(movie fans: Brad Pitt has bought the rights & will star in the movie of The Lost City of Z).

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