Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NoisePop art on Clement Street

Huge thanks to Roman and Aaron and Sparks for their wonderful efforts on our current Book Of The Month video commercial for Little Bee! We're so lucky at Green Apple to have such talent on staff, but I'm betting on phone calls from Hollywood soon, so enjoy their work while you can!

I'm going to hop outside of our box for a bit and tell you all about a great art show that has gone up recently at Park Life, a wonderfully independent retail shop just down the street. Sights of Sounds they're calling it, and this is the third year that they have teamed-up with musicians participating in Noise Pop (The City's annual indy music fest) to showcase visual art. Think of the visual equivalent of getting a catchy pop jingle stuck in your head, and this will be nothing at all like it. We're talking original works of art on the wall by Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo fame, DJ Shadow, Jessie Michaels (Operation Ivy), and my favorite mittenmaker ever, Allisa Anderson. "Awesome" is just one word that comes to mind...

And speaking of art, why in the heck do we still have a stack of Mark Ryden's newest book, The Tree Show in stock? Seriously. This is another beautiful production from Porterhouse that immediately calls to mind Anima Mundy. You know, Anima Mundy, just one of Mark's earlier titles that is out of print, and now selling for much, much, much more that list price on ebay. If there ever was a crystal ball...

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