Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some days are like this

I've been buying used books for Green Apple the better part of two decades by now, and I can honestly say that the unexpected nature of book buying has contributed in a huge way to my sustained interest in my work. From day to day I have absolutely no idea what gems will walk past Mergatroid and enter our front door. But the real kick is when I make house-calls and purchase entire private collections - we call those appointments "out buys." These can be hit-or-miss (like the one time I entered a person's "library" and encountered an entire wall of books, sliced down the middle, so that there was only the 3 or 4 inches near the spine left. "The shelves are too narrow for the whole books" the owners told me. I didn't tell them what I was thinking_), but when the books are good, it can really pay off. Just like last week when I filled the store truck to the brim, twice, buying an AWESOME batch of stuff. . .
So, calling all H.P. Lovecraft fans!!!
Check the horror section over the next couple of weeks when hundreds of books, games, comics and even tarot cards will make their presence known. These books are not being listed on-line, so Cthulhu Mythos is only in the house, yo! And not just H.P. but catalogues of his library, primal sources, works inspired by and much, much more. But that's just the Cthulhu stuff. We also boosted our metaphysics section by like 500 titles. And magick (note the "K") we got tons. Like the rare 'Lords of the Left-Hand Path' or Tyson's "Three Books of Occult Philosophy." How about a lovely hardcover copy in dustjacket of 'The Grimoire of Armadel'? And it goes on and on and on. . . A big batch of stuff like this doesn't come in everyday, but when it does, the buzz around the store is palpable.
So if you've got a yen for the dark stuff, swing on by. By the way, did you know that Anton LaVey was a regular customer for years? And if you've got a large library that needs to be gone, give us a ring, chances are we can help!

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