Friday, May 15, 2009

Hubba Hubba Ding Ding

But I'll bet that you missed it. . .

Maybe the coolest author event that I've ever organized happened last night, and unless you were one of the lucky group that packed the house at The Hypnodrome, I'm afraid that you missed it. C'mon people, what part of FREE BURLESQUE didn't you understand? We certainly could have made room for a few more.

Lily Burana read briefly from her new one, I Love a Man in Uniform, but mostly she (like everyone else) whooped it up for Sugar Shack burlesque troupe, who entertained us all with the finest bumps and grinds. Pasties were bouncing while costumes were falling all through the night, and we even managed to raise a grip of bills through a prize-laden raffle for Lily's favorite charity, Soldiers Angels. Thanks to all performers, especially my co-host for the evening Lady Satan. So what have we learned? That's right - check the event section at the Green Apple Books website often for more upcoming good times, and don't miss out again. We won't always promise the best in burlesque like last night, but we do promise that there will be books.

Yes, I did take pictures, but I'm not sure that you should see them, though. Should have been there. Instead, here's another blast of 3 Easy Pieces (and why I read) with one of The City's special residents, Frank Chu (aka That Guy With The Sign Who Seems To Be Everywhere I Go). I think this one should be called "Why I Read (and 1 really difficult answer)." Enjoy!

Frank Chu does Green Apple Books 3 Easy Pieces (and why I read) from kevin hunsanger on Vimeo.

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