Monday, June 29, 2009

Everything Matters!

What would you do if you were the sole person on earth who knew that in twenty-six years of your birth that the world was going to be destroyed?
It’s an interesting question & one that could easily be taken into the sci-fi world & made a little far fetched. Ron Currie Jr. handles this topic with a mixture of humor, drug use, family turmoil, & of course baseball.
I was given this book because of my shelf-talker for God is Dead, Currie’s first novel (though I still think of that book as short stories) where Currie took on how the world would react if they knew for a fact that God was dead. The result was a crazy trip through the world with talking hyenas, & mass suicides, an overall great read & a great first book. As with Everything Matters!, God is Dead also could border on the sci-fi or horror genre, but Currie Jr. writes so well that you believe the unbelievable, it is an everyday world with a natural course of events.
Everything Matters! still caught me by surprise. I have to reproduce David Benioff’s (famous for City of Thieves, our first Green Apple commercial) blurb from the back of the book because I think it sums up the book & this posting perfectly,
“If you’re going to write about Doom you’d better be funny & if you’re going to write about Global Doom you better be damn funny. Currie accomplishes one of the rarest feats in literature-he makes you dread turning each page at the same time you can’t help turning each page. He leads you toward The End with wisdom and honesty. Pointing out the beautiful sights along the way but never shielding your eyes from the fires ahead.”

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