Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Kindle in Every Backpack.

The Democratic Leadership Council has proposed "A Kindle in Every Backpack," (click for PDF file) a program designed to replace every kid's bookbag with a Kindle full of e-textbooks. Sure, it might lighten the load of their backpacks, but would they use them any more than their books?

The Council argues, "The ‘Kindle in every backpack’ concept isn’t just an educational gimmick—-it could improve education quality and save money."

For $300+ a Kindle, and the fact that Kindles aren't exactly durable, these guys aren't really thinking this through.

Imagine a teacher saying, "turn to page 115, please" and everyone starts clicking. Or a kid walking up to a teacher and saying, "I couldn't do my homework, my books are broken."

Read more at the New York Times blog here.


Michelle said...

I think Kindles are a nice idea, even with the page sounds it makes, but can't imagine it.

Monica said...

that 'my books were broken' is one of the greatest defences against Kindle. I'd hate to settle in for a good read, and have it all go to hell because my battery died.