Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Book That Changed Your Life

I know, I know, choosing a single book to pinpoint a definitive change in your life is ridiculously difficult. But NPR recently re-aired an episode of This American Life which got me thinking about this question again. Of course I came up with many titles and many reasons, some trivial (I used a large dictionary that my grandmother gave me for my birthday as a step-stool...for years) and others more serious (Nella Larsen's, Quicksand, presented me with a new perspective of being neither wholly Korean or Caucasian).

What book changed your life?

And if you have the time, click here to listen to four stories of people who believe that a book changed their life.


Roman said...

i've never heard of Quicksand before. sounds amazing.

CKHB said...

Thanks for the NPR link! The Cider House Rules was a life-changer for me.