Sunday, October 25, 2009

Covered Bandwagon

With all the hype circulating around the recently released film Where the Wild Things Are, I've decided that despite some of my mixed feelings on the sudden Sendak popularity explosion, I will post this and officially count myself on the bandwagon, for better or for ill.

Now of course there's the new Eggers book, The Wild Things . We all know about that I hope. It certainly stands out being that it's on display right as you walk into our store, and is only one of two furry books that we carry (and the other one is not child appropriate FYI). Well aside from that, fairly recently a number of artists collaborated to put together a small book of art & comics dedicated to Sendak's popular title. Sadly it's something that Green Apple won't carry- it's actually only been published as an additional booklet that comes with the free magazine VICE. Not a major fan of VICE myself, but I have to admit that this booklet they've attached to their most recent issue is pretty cool. Above and following are a few images lifted from it, created by some of the underground heavy hitters who contributed.

Artists from top to bottom of this post:
-Mark Todd
-Sammy Harkham
-Jordan Crane
-Matt Furie
-Josh Simmons
-Josh Simmons again (this one was rejected so he had to try again)

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