Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back to the Free Box

As discussed in a few previous posts, like this one, the Green Apple free box is a place of unending discovery. The other day I was walking by and the above pictured book, Representative Men, caught my attention. I snatched it up. The book is a series of photos of old-timey looking gents with one-page biographical sketches. There is no publishing date or anything that describes what the book's purpose might be. My guess is that it is a sort of yearbook of salesmen (or drummers, as they would have been known). They mostly hail from Massachusetts (Springfield, Chicopee), and the most recent date that I can see mentioned is 1906.

This is Charles Hall, who died during production of the volume. He spent time in California in the 1850s, and got burned out of Chicago in the great fire of 1871.

Adolphus R. Martin was born in Woonsocket Falls, R.I., and spent two years at the front "in the War of the Rebellion."

This is George Walter Vincent Smith, and that man knows how to wear a beard.

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Some Random Google Vagrant said...

Funny thing about that last guy; he's got a museum in Springfield named after him... Or rather, he had a museum in Springfield built to house his collections of exotic art (mostly Asian in origin; Middle Eastern rugs, Japanese arms and armor, decorations bronzes, Chinese jades and Cloisonne, some Greek and Roman plaster casts). The ashes of him and his wife are in the walls of the museum.