Saturday, November 7, 2009

Not Free, but Cheap

My colleague Clark wrote back in October about some finds that he'd made in our free box, including a fine-looking copy of Gimpel the Fool which I guess he read and liked so much he has decided to put it on the Staff Favorites display. Well, I'm going to climb a rung higher on the price ladder today. Recently I was standing in the entryway of the store waiting for a ride, and my eyes fell to the lower shelves of the bins. Mostly these are dollar books (priced at $.92 to come out to a dollar with tax), but some are as much as $2.98. Here is a random photo taken of the books I'm talking about.
If you happened to be the kind of person who came to Green Apple not with a specific book or topic in mind, but open to whatever book might strike your fancy, you could probably enjoy a long and satisfying reading life without actually ever entering the store (except to pay for your books, of course). There are that many good, interesting books in our bins. There's Patrick O'Brian and Pam Houston. There's Ross King's fascinating book on Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel. We've got Simon Winchester's history of the volcanic eruption at Krakatoa, we've got David Hajdu's book on Dylan and company in the Greenwich Village days. And what is The Carny Kid? you ask. Here's your answer. I'm not saying you shouldn't come into the store anymore, just that in these tough economic times, Green Apple has you covered.


CLARKclark said...

"Colleague." Cool.

mike said...

Dang, Barthelme's "Sadness" for a buck? I'm sorely tempted to make a trip over just for that, but I guess once you toss in the bridge toll or BART fare it becomes less of a deal.