Monday, December 14, 2009

Jingle Jams

Back in 2007 my buddy Matt and I tried to keep the Christmas festivities going all the way through the New Year, across the stretches of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall with the intention of happily landing again on December 25th of '08, having celebrated three hundred and sixty five days of yule tide spirit. Well, we only made it till about the end February. At that point our humbug roommate threw one of our two Christmas trees out the window and smashed the other to bits in the living room. We were disheartened, sure, but probably a little more relieved than we admitted at the time. We hadn't really prepared ourselves for what we were getting in to and despite our efforts, the nonstop-ultra-holiday-party was a little difficult to keep up, especially when KNGY 92.7 (now sadly defunct) stopped playing techno Christmas song remixes for the year.

This year I'm taking it a little easier. I was actually kind of thinking about checking out what the Hanukkah thing is all about this year, being that the Jewish cooking section at Green Apple has been stealing my heart lately (L-A-T-K-E-S spells 'YUM!'), but still, there are still a few jingle jams that I can't help humming in my head as I wander around this fair city. Also happily enough, Green Apple is carrying a number of new and used Christmas CDs, often heartily discounted to the point that even Bob Crachit could dig up a clam or two bring one home to his family. To name a few:

If on a Winter's Night by Sting
Christmas in the Heart by Bob Dylan
Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey
The Christmas Album by The Jackson Five
A Colt .45 Christmas by Afroman
Home for Christmas by Hall & Oates

This one is for the lovers:

& here's one for the haters:

Happy holidays to everyone. See you 'round the hearth.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I love Leon Redbone's Christmas record.

Kyle said...

You guys need to RUN, not walk, to SOMA FM's site and stream either of their two amazing Christmas stations. Xmas is Frisco is funner, but Christmas Loungs is likely a bit more... store friendly.