Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've been pretty heavily in to the work of Anders Nilsen for a little over a year now, and since I just can't get every little thing of his in to the store (much is out of print) I'm putting the spotlight on his work today. You might recognize his illustrations from a book cover or three, such as Ron Currie Jr.'s book God is Dead, his award winning cover (at the NY Book Fair) for Armitage's translation of The Odyssey, or perhaps the recent Penguin reissue of Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales. Whether you have or haven't heard his name I highly recommend you look further in to his work. Green Apple carries his most recent graphic novel Dogs & Water, which I can attest for myself is mighty good.

For a little more info on the guy, his website is here. His blog, in which he writes on his own work as well as others, is here.

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