Saturday, February 13, 2010

VERY BAD (but somehow sweet and nice...)

OK folks - I dig the creative and well placed 'urban art' that graces many of the walls, sidewalks, light posts and overpasses in our fine city. I appreciate the blast of color and the infusion of life onto the bland, gray voids of the urban jungle. I understand that many of these murals are done with the full consent of building owners, and beyond that, I want everyone to know that Banksy is a personal hero of mine. I get it - I really do!

But I really DON'T enjoy having to replace the front windows of Green Apple because some ***-h*** decided to scribble a tag with acid etching markers. I DON'T dig the abuse of private property without a higher goal than basic defacement. It's time to grow-up a bit, dontcha think?

Sigh, but then I saw this new addition to the entry way of Green Apple this morning. I heart books too, my friend, but I really wish you would just blog about it like everyone else does and leave our walls and glass alone. But thanks for the kind words - next time, why not tell tell your friends instead?

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