Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Currently Showing: Crap or Maybe Not Crap

I've got a few recommendations on some small gallery showings around the city this month. If you haven't caught any of these shows yet, then I'm figuratively pushing you to do so via blog. I should add that each of these artists also have put out books that are carried at Green Apple, books I will more literally push you to buy if you come in to the store because I am so violent inside.

At the Sandra Lee Gallery, regular McSweeney's contributors and adorable husband and wife team, Mark Todd (Monster Trucks!) and Esther Pearl Watson (Whatcha Mean, What's a Zine and Unlovable) are presenting their work in a joint show.

Over at Giant Robot SF, another joint show featuring Lisa Hanawalt and Aiyana Udensen has been hung. Hanawalt and Udensen's weird, weird, books are currently out of stock at our store (though hopefully not for long), but if you swing by GR it's almost certain that you could pick them up. It's even more certain that you'll get a glimpse of Hanawalt's classic 'surprise in a shoe' illustration. You have to go to find out what I'm talking about.

And lastly, our neighbors at Park Life have a group show themed around 'text' hanging currently. This one's got a whole grip of folks contributing to it, but I'm putting the spotlight on David Shrigley, whose recently released Red Book blows Jung's Red Book, with it's 'numinous beginnings' outta' the water.

All right, okay now. Yeah, uh huh. GO!PS- I probably won't really push you if you come in to the store to buy stuff.

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