Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh, what a night...

So yesterday was a pretty big one for me, as I tuned 40 - gulp! The cake was fantastic, but without a doubt, the highlight of my celebratory romp around The City last night was being able to catch the wonderful new production at A.C.T. called "The Tosca Project".

As any reader of this blog will tell you, many of us at Green Apple enjoy the periodic tipple (although we justify this interest well with our sterling book recommendations), and when we get to North Beach, there has only been one bar we prop our elbows on - Tosca Cafe, the most literary bar in San Francisco (sorry Vesuvio, but you know it's true).

"The Tosca Project" was a beautiful collaboration of theatre and dance; more dance in fact than I expected, but as many of the performers are active in the San Francisco Ballet, the dancing was top-notch. Curious that there was little (if any at all) dialogue during the performance. Indeed, the tale of Tosca's decades was told via moody lighting, kaleidoscopic colors and costumes, costumes, costumes. And dance.

Good news for those of you who haven't been able to score tickets to this World Premier - "The Tosca Project" has just been extended through July 3rd! Take someone special, dig some artistic history, then head north to the authentic Tosca Cafe for a nightcap. And if you catch Jeanette or Peter near that velvet rope, please tell 'em that the folks at Green Apple send our love.

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