Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sharp new Green Apple shirts

We just got in some new Green Apple shirts. This design has graced our canvas bags for 20+ years, but we've never done a shirt. It took a request from a regular customer to get them made, and we only printed a few to test the waters. But staff is snatching them up quickly, so I thought I should spread the word before the test run sells out. We will, of course, get more in a few months.

Snazzy American Apparel "ringer" T. Behold:

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Anonymous said...

What a very creative idea to put this fabulous looking logo on a few shirts. Are they still being snatched up like crazy? If so, would you be so mind to put a hold on a women's small for me so I can come pick it up after work or do I have to order one for myself. Please let me know, thank you!