Saturday, November 20, 2010

Get 'em While You Can

In yesterday's New York Times was this article about the book that is shaping up to be the literary Tickle-Me-Elmo of the season, The Autobiography of Mark Twain. The article is about how the University of California Press has had a difficult time keeping up with demand. Just so you know, over here at Green Apple we've got a pretty good stack, but they are selling at a brisk clip, so if you think you want to put one under the tree, or want to pick one up for yourself to while away a long cold winter, you might want to act sooner than later. Here is what Green Appler Martin had to say about the book: "An appropriately oversized book (and just the first volume!) for an oversized personality, this long-awaited (100 years to be exact) tome arrives just in time for settling down for some serious - in a manner of speaking - winter reading. Full of Twain's signature wit, irreverence, and sarcasm, this is a book for anyone interested in one of the great American writers - and personalities."

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