Tuesday, December 7, 2010

K to the FOG in the AM

I've got to keep this entry brief, because I'm up to my ears in holiday gift suggestions for the book lovers in all of our lives...

Tune in to KFOG tomorrow morning from 8:00am - 9:00am, when I will be sharing all the tomes I've deemed gift-worthy, during an extended holiday Morning Show appearance. No hints now, but know that my list will certainly knock your stockings off; so turn that dial to 104.5fm in The City or 97.7fm in the South Bay and crank-up the volume!

You can also stream the Morning Show live at http://www.kfog.com/ - just click the banner link that says, 'Listen Live', it's that easy.

And don't forget that Amazon = lump of coal.


Anonymous said...

Good show...thanks for all you do for the literary community!!

Dennis Sherman
San Francisco CA

Anonymous said...

Great show. Can you list the books you recommended?

kevin hunsanger said...

thanks for the wonderful feedback!

Yes, the entire KFOG Morning Show list is available here:


keep reading!

Anonymous said...

Besides the "essentail" cook book you also mentioned another cook book for the bartender. What was that title?

Thank you so much!