Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Bookstore in Venom: Lethal Protector #3

Last week I made a brief sojourn back to the home I grew up in. There I found a box of old comic books that I probably hadn't opened in over a decade. After fumbling through a nostalgic miscellany composed mostly of tattered Spider-Man comics and old single issues of Bone I discovered something that made me laugh, and serendipitously goes along with Sparks' recent post regarding Green Apple's mention amidst many of the pages of our product.

In April of 1993 Spider-Man nemesis Venom took a trip to San Francisco (I was nine then, in case you were wondering), and guess which address he just happened to roll out from underneath a garbage truck in front of!

Okay, so the background is obviously based on New York City rather than SF, I don't ever remember there being trees planted along Clement Street, and there sure as heck aren't a bunch of brick buildings around here, but that definitely looks like a bookstore that he's bounding in front of. Maybe our neighbor Pacific Books? Well in that case then the awning next door has got to be ours. See it? See it? I'm calling it like it is. Nuff said, eh true believers?

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