Monday, April 18, 2011

Help us sell eBooks

Crowd-sourcing time!

We're starting to brag to our customers about how Green Apple now sells Google eBooks, how we match the big boys on price, how you can Go Digital and still Buy Local.

What we need are some creative in-store signs. This is where you come in.

What would the people below say if they were pitching eBooks at Green Apple? Enter via comment for your chance to win a snazzy new Green Apple t-shirt featuring artwork by Paul Madonna.

Here are the blanks for you to fill in.

Here's on that we came up with to give you an idea of what we're looking for:

1. This book is hilarious, but it’s so darned heavy, and turning pages is so tiresome!

2. Gosh Mary, don’t you have an iPad or anything? You can buy Google e-books from Green Apple! And most of them cost the same as at Amazon!

3. I can’t wait until someone figures out how to deliver books intravenously.

4. I prefer to rocky my reading old skool!

And here's the shirt you could win (men's shown; women's is eggplant and lovely).


TJF said...

3. BOTH!

Anonymous said...

1. I'll download the e-book from amazon when I get home.
2. I can't wait that long. The QR code is on this bookmark and I'll scan it now and download it from Green Apple's website and it's done.
3. And let's come back next week when the author's here.
4. I still prefer the real book. I'm buying it now; who knows when I'll see it elsewhere?