Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Deep Dogs

Ever since my dog started reading books and smoking cigarettes and cooking and stuff, lemme tell ya' things have been a little different around the ol' log cabin. I'm not sure what's gotten in to him, but with the sudden change in mind I've been forced to adopt a brand new set of eyes to bring to work with me. Yes ma'am, I've got my peepers peeled for dog books nowadays. I'm not talking My Dog Tulip or the writing of Cesar Millan. Invaluable as the acclaimed dog whisperer's work may be and as much as Tulip had to teach us, what I've been sniffing out is not for the paws of men.

Rascal (my dog, above) has developed a taste for dog-fiction. That is to say, novels prominently and thoughtfully featuring a canine whose personal decisions advance or twist the plot, for better or for worse. Always excited to accommodate a blossoming market, my coworkers have aided me in hand picking the contents for our brand new deep dog-fiction shelf. If you've got a reading dog at home (or merely an interest in reading of dogs), please, take a trip down to Green Apple Books main store at 506 Clement St. After applying our keen attention to detail to the matter, I'm confident that we boast the finest and most expertly curated deep dog-fiction selection in The Bay Area, perhaps even the West Coast. I'm certain that if my dog could talk he would finally thank me, and that's nothing to woof at.

Currently featuring:
-The Art of Racing in the Rain
-Call of the Wild
-White Fang
-King: A Street Story
-Travels With Charley
-White Dog


Anonymous said...

Your dog reads Dutch?

sfer said...

Come on, seriously... is that your dog? If it is... nice picture! Can I borrow it for my blog (credit given, of course :-)

Clark said...

I have no idea whose reading dog that really is. I don't even have a dog. But sure, borrow. Do what thou whilst shall be the whole of the law.

sfer said...

Too bad that it is not your dog. I was about to recommend "The story of Edgar Sawtelle"... And I will definitely borrow the picture. Thanks :-)