Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Art of the Bookmark...Part One

I recently was doing some spring cleaning here at the store and came across two bags of bookmarks another bookseller had collected. The intent originally was for me and my friend to do a large collage. It never happened. I happened to rediscover these at the moment that I had submitted new art work, done by C., a bookseller and artist in residence here at Green Apple.
(as seen below) So I thought I would share some old Green Apple Bookmarks and some from all over. Going through them was a little depressing as I saw all the bookstores that have closed over the years. So let us remember our fallen comrades with the art they put in the pages of your books...

One of my all-time favorites.
This was our bookmark for many years, maybe even a couple decades as we were really excited to be on that "World Wide Web" everyone is talking about.
Here is an old one from our friend across the country, one of the most famous of the Independent Bookstores, N.Y.'s The Strand Bookstore. I'm not sure what year this was, they still boasted their "8 Miles of Books", but they stay open much later these days.
This is one of the classier bookmarks from the now extinct Pickwick Book Shops that once were scattered throughout the greater L.A. area. A nice little die-cut that you can kind of make out in this picture so that your bookmark does not slip out.
(the L.A. area should take advantage of their independent's that are out there and great: Skylight Books, Book Soup, and Others.)

And R.I.P. Blair Fuller.


npb said...

Do you have favorite bookmarks? Willing to part with them? Send them to Green Apple Books - 506 Clement St. - S.F., CA 94118...Tell us the story behind them, why they (or the bookstore) are important to you , and you can end up on our blog!

Anonymous said...

Really? half of your new bookmark dedicated to ebooks? making the bookmark soon to be obsolete, with libraries and bookstores close behind.

Anonymous said...

Anon: Ebooks will eventually replace all print matter, libraries & bookstores?

As long as information (in whatever form: print, digital, etc) is a commodity, librarians and booksellers will be in business.