Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Device Advice for reading digitally

We heard from a customer that--to our stunned disbelief--with the brand-new Amazon Fire Kindle, you are able to buy eBooks from a variety of sources (like Green Apple), not just from Amazon, as has been the case since Amazon's very first e-readers. We will confirm this and update our device advice soon. Here's the excellent app we recommend for your Nook, Kindle Fire, or other Android-based device--it's based on the popular BlueFire reading app, so it's top quality.

If this is true, you'll be able to read eBooks bought from any seller on that device, which could be very good news for Green Apple and its loyal customers, as most eBooks we sell are priced exactly the same as at other competitors. We'll be back soon with an update.

Super thanks to loyal Green Apple customer Lovestampmom for pointing this out.


lovestampmom said...

This is not true. I have the Kindle Fire and I'm able to download the Nook and Kobo applications on it without rooting. Please revise and be more objective. I'm a long time Green Apple loyal customer.

Pete said...

Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate your long-time loyalty and don't want to mis-represent. Can you actually buy an eBook from Green Apple or other sources on your Kindle Fire? A Nook or Kobo app is one thing, but being able to buy a book for your Kindle FIRE from another source is, according to EVERYTHING we've read, is not possible (without hacking/rooting/etc.). We'll correct if you're right, of course, which I hope you are, as Kindles are very popular and we'd LOVE to sell eBooks for Kindles to our loyal customers like you.

Pete said...

Lovestampmom: Got some initial confirmation from our trade organization and will eat crow, thank you, and update soon. Thanks. Weird.