Friday, April 24, 2009

Author Author

Geoff Dyer stopped by the store today to sign copies of his new book, Jeff In Venice, Death in Varanasi (you can read the gushing N.Y. Times Book Review by Pico Iyer here).

Mr. Dyer holds a special place in our collective Green Apple hearts (as we do in his). In his brilliant and hilarious 1997 study of D.H. Lawrence, Out of Sheer Rage (out of print at the moment, but due to be reissued in December), Dyer searches the world for the Penguin edition of Lawrence's Phoenix.

Finally, he stumbles upon it in a little bookstore in San Francisco: "Back in San Francisco, at the Green Apple bookstore, I found a copy of Phoenix: the Penguin edition. I saw it and snatched it up in the way that one does in these circumstances, fearful that at the last moment someone else was going to beat me to it. Ten dollars- and, right next to it, was Phoenix II."

In other author news, we're doing an event with David LaBua for his book on parking in San Francisco, Finding the Sweet Spot, Saturday at 4. He got a nice little write-up in today's Examiner. Should be fun.

And last, on Sunday we're doing a launch party for the local author of a new environmental-themed young adult novel called Operation Redwood by S. Terrell French. She's been getting great reviews from librarians and kids' book specialists. Come on by Sunday at 5 for some snacks, meet the author, and get a book signed.

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