Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tune your FM dial to 104.5 on Wed Morning!

Maybe you knew, or maybe you didn't know, but I'm the official 'Book Guy of the 'KFOG Morning Show. And what that means (in addition to having my very own theme song) is that on Wed. morning I'll be going live at 7:30AM (ugh, i know) with the usual gang, and rapping about a handful of new titles that I'm most excited about. Like Oprah, I'm not telling til I tell, so tune-in WED MORNING and find out which tomes deserve the place of honor on your nightstand. 104.5FM in San Francisco (and North Bay) or 97.7FM in the South Bay.

And if you've got some free time on Tuesday night, the place to be is at Tosca, when Green Apple welcomes Wells Tower reading from his new collection of short-stories, "Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned." I haven't been this excited about a batch of short stories since reading Jesus' Son, and I'm not alone. In fact (Shhhhh....) I've been conspiring with another author to throw a little after-party for Wells for invited guests only. You may well flip your lid when you get to meet her, too. Drop me an email with your name, and you'll be sure to make the scene: The event details are at the bottom of our upcoming events page.

Keep Reading and Go Giants!

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Roman said...

you have a theme song???