Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cool books we can never sell(?), part 2

Although I'm posting this week's installment of "Cool books we can never sell," I'll admit I'm skeptical about this title since I'm sorely tempted to buy it for myself. The book: a used copy of the 1979 publication of UFO... Contact From the Pleiades, Vol 1.

The dust jacket informs the curious reader that:

"By the time you reach the final chapter in this Photo-Journal, you will have reached an exciting new level of awareness concerning the previously 'most impenetrable' mystery of our time... UFO's [sic]. Has the 'most impenetrable' mystery of this century been solved? Can we now replace the term UFO with known... IFO... Identified Flying Object? Only you can decide."

On the facing page is a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing this as a "specially bound First Edition" printed with the "highest grade color inks on the best imported 12" x 24" 100lb. Quintessence stock for the finest color reproduction".

If the high quality of the volume isn't enough in itself, its contents are of equal substance. There are pages of scientific evaluation of data, including analysis of the results of "Photogrammetric" tests, a process that involved the use of a Microdensitometer (shown below).

It's quite scientific.

However, if you don't have a scientific bent, there is a human - er, alien - interest as well, in the inclusion of select quotations from a few of the Pleiadian cosmonauts. Although PTAAH has a few choice words for earthlings, including the (inadvertant?) revelation that as of 1975, the Pleiadians were not yet authorized to interfere in human affairs, it is SEMJASE who steals the show, demonstrating a masterful blend ecological compassion, scientific knowledge and mysticism, as well as providing a hint of more to come (Volume 2, anyone?):

"You call us extraterrestrials or star-men, and you attribute to us superhuman powers even though you do not know us. Regarding this, we are men, like you, but our knowledge and our understanding exceeds yours considerably, especially in the technical field."

"We do not reach to an end of the universe, for such does not exist."

"Within a short time I will get a new beamship, which you will be allowed to photograph closely, to get better pictures."

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