Wednesday, May 6, 2009

R. Crumb on a sneaker?

R. Crumb's art is now on Vans shoes. Here's an excerpt of a write-up from the LA Times:

Four different R. Crumb shoes are due to hit store shelves on Oct. 1; two in the Vans Classics collections -- including the Mr. Natural deconstructed SK8-Hi pictured above ($60) and a classic slip-on featuring Fritz the Cat ($52) -- will be available through regular Vans vendors.

Two additional higher-end styles (using suede and leather) will be sold through Vans Vault accounts; a "Modern America" Chukka boot ($95) and a "Keep on Truckin' " Authentic ($90).

Hoo boy, you'll look great stomping around in your R. Crumb leather shoes. I'm holding out for the Shel Silverstein flip-flops.

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Spiros said...

I was soooooo hoping that "Keep on Truckin'" was not going to be one of the designs.