Friday, June 19, 2009

Love to say "I told you so!"

No neener-neener-neener here - I'm just thrilled that one of my favorite books from last year has found new legs this month with both a paperback release, and an exciting honor that has only been bestowed upon four other titles ever, San Francisco's 'One City One Book'. Of course the book I'm referring to is the fantastical romp, Alive in Necropolis by Doug Dorst. I enjoyed this so much that I chose it to be a 2008 Green Apple Book of the Month, and also loudly touted it during my regular book review segment of the KFOG Morning Show. In a nutshell, it's the story of a rookie cop in Colma who (with the aid of the ghosts of San Francisco's past) helps a famous film director steer his wayward son on the right path. It's like Office Space done by Dashiell Hammett, with a quirky love story thrown in for good measure...

Our friends at the San Francisco Public Library select a single title for their One City One Book program, which (in their words) is ". . .an annual citywide literary event that encourages members of the San Francisco community to read the same book at the same time and then discuss it in book groups and at events throughout the City." Sounds like a wonderful idea, especially when you can chat your love for this one on Facebook, as well as live and in person.

Congratulations to Doug Dorst and his perfect summer read, Alive in Necropolis. Have you read it? What did you think? Got any other suggestions for the One City One Book program? Throw down your comments wonderful readers, and be the next one who gets to say "I told you so!".

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shopworker said...

Hey, this looks great. Thanks for the recommendation, great post. I love it when a book you really liked gets backed.