Thursday, July 16, 2009

BIX Here, not There

Sure looks good, doesn't it? And the best part about it (aside from the, olive) is that it can be yours! How? It's simple, educational, and fun. And free!!! Here's the deal, but pay attention because it's a two-parter, pardner:
Drop by Green Apple Books on Saturday, July 18th from 1:00pm - 2:00pm and enjoy a unique opportunity to meet Doug "Bix" Beiderbecke, owner of Bix Restaurant, and co-author of the fantastic compendium to the good-life, Bixology. And as if that's not enough...

Purchase a copy of Bixology at Green Apple anytime before Tuesday, July 21st, (on-line sales are OK) and you will be entered in a drawing which may enable you to become one of the lucky few who will enjoy a private, behind the scenes tour of Bix on Wed. July 22nd at 5:00pm,led by Doug, and culminating with a Martini reception and various mini-bites at the bar. Chance of a lifetime? Maybe. The best thing to do in San Francisco on Wednesday July 22nd? Certainly!

So grab a copy (or three) of Bixology, either in-store or on-line, and cross your fingers. Drop by the store on Saturday the 18th from 1-2 and ask Doug how he gets those Martinis so consistently perfect. Win a spot on our Martini tour. Life is grand!

Remember last week, when I mentioned the new radio show from Peter Finch of KFOG fame? As promised then, new details have emerged. It's called Beat of the Bay, and the segment that includes me will be aired this Saturday the 18th at the enjoyable time of 5:45AM. Not a typo, but 5:45 in the morning. Good news however, as the show will be archived on-line, and can be enjoyed again and again here (after the Saturday broadcast). Tune In, Turn On, Buy Books!

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