Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Book vs. the Kindle, Round 6: Finding the right read

Now let's pit the Kindle's search function against a bookseller's knowledge. Surely a handheld computer can help this young lady find just the right book for her boyfriend? Comeback time for the Kindle?


Spiros said...

Very illuminating, indeed. It does beg the question: just how much time does Nick spend interviewing himself on any given day?

Willie said...

i just encountered my first kindle!
no joke- an aspiring motivational speaker in a small town in Tennessee, i couldn't talk to him for 30 seconds with out hearing his spiel about the thing! he runs marathons, loves jesus, and referred to the word dumb as "the D word" !!!

you guys should feature him as the rep for the kindle in the next bout.

Gem Scales said...

I know the guy you are talking about! Makes me nuts.. he needs to be on an infomercial.