Saturday, August 8, 2009

Video on SF booksellers from Mother Jones

Green Apple has certainly been enjoying all the attention that our Books vs Kindle videos have been garnering - and rest assured that the best is yet to come (don't miss #10). Thanks to everyone who has passed them on to friends, to all who have left comments, and those who have mentioned them to me in person. All of us here send out a big hug of gratitude!

Mother Jones magazine was by Green Apple Books recently to interview me for a video of theirs called 'Independent Bookstores (and why we love them).' In addition to Green Apple, they also feature Cover to Cover, and in what may be their final public appearance, Stacey's.

I love the tone of this, and I hope that its message rings as true for you as it does for me. Thanks MoJo for including us! Enjoy. . .

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Spiros said...

You wish we were haunted? It seems to me that a certain four legged friend of yours (Ms. Maddie) never would set foot in the Granny Smith Room if she could help it, and that was before we lost someone in American for thought.