Thursday, September 17, 2009

101 Cookbooks

I am a big fan of food, especially really good food, made with really good ingredients. Heidi Swanson's, Super Natural Cooking, has been a favorite of mine for a few years now because she too seems to enjoy really good food, made with really good ingredients. Awhile back, a friend showed me her wonderful website (101 Cookbooks), which is full of helpful cooking tips and recipes; it is also easy to use and organized neatly. Ms. Swanson recently had a post discussing her favorite to-dos and eats throughout various San Francisco neighborhoods and she graciously noted visting Green Apple after a meal at Burma Superstar down the street. Check out her highlights of the city here: San Francisco Favorites and you've gotta try her recipe for chocolate cake!


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I tried her recipe for chocolate cake and she is definitely the WINNER! I was using a recipe from Family Circle, but hers blew that one out of the water. Yahoo!