Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More store history

The old store photos drew a warm response last week, so here are two more photos. They're from the same batch as last week's. Since Mergatroid (our gnome) is dated 1976, my best guess for these photos is the mid-1970s. I see no sign of the 1980s in the hair, film, books, or glasses of these pics.

The first one shows what is now the back left corner of the main floor before the mezzanine was put it in or the second floor opened to the public; note the nice natural light coming from the back of the store. Also, I think we still have that folding table.

The second one is from the front of the store.

On a final note, in last week's historical post, there's an older awning visible in the exterior shot. If you look under our current awning, you can still see the remains, albeit tattered, of the original awning.

Oh, and we love what the Richmond Blog did with our midlife crisis here.

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RichmondSFBlog said...

Love it! Hey, what's the history/story/folklore behind the mascot?