Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is Green Apple Books Part II

A few months ago, a former Green Appler (whose name I can't recall right now) posted a nice selection of photos from around the store. I thought it captured the spirit of the store very well, and so have decided to reprise his efforts. I have focused on those items that have been, at some point during Green Apple's 42 year history, tacked or taped to the wall and then forgotten. Some of these items have price tags, but they don't seem be creating a lot of interest.

Ike died in 1969, and this newspaper has been hanging in this spot since at leat 1987, when I started working here.

Liberty Magazine from Sept. 1938 with an article by Babe Ruth on Why I Must be Wacky to be a Dodger. Only $20. That's a San Francisco Examiner from around the time of the moon landing, It's probably been
up there just about as long.

The sticker on this one says "They don't get much nicer than this." $50 and it's yours.

Pablo Neruda reading at Glide Church in 1973. That's pretty cool.....

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npb said...

Ouch! Can't remember Sparks huh? That was fast.