Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ole, or the joys of owning a used bookstore

Here's one reason that it's a joy to own a bookstore, particularly one that carries used books. I can show up for work one day, expecting our used Bullfighting section to be, within a book or two, the same size it was when I left for my weekend (3 books as of last week).

Then a nice lady comes in with two boxes of unusual Bullfighting books, and there it is: Green Apple has the best Bullfighting section in all of San Francisco. Or California. The West Coast? A search of Powells online showed 44 results, but they were not all really about Bullfighting.

So yeah, if anyone wants a book on Bullfighting, we have about 50 of them. Only a few are in Spanish. And that's another reason it's a joy to (co-)own my very own bookstore.


Anonymous said...

I thought you owned just one-third of a bookstore...

Marie said...

That's awesome. If you ever want to open a branch in Boston... :-)