Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where is My Childhood?

So Dog Days, Jeff Kinney's newest installment in his exceptionally funny Diary of a Wimpy Kid hit the shelves just a few days ago. Now I'm not a parent (fingers crossed), but if I were... oh man. There were a lot of ways for me to finish that sentence, and so few were any good. Lemme' start this over.

Read Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It doesn't even matter if you start with the first one, read any of them. They're clever, perfect for young readers, and quite honestly hilarious, even at an adult level. While capturing a bit of the mystery and confusion of youth, the true brilliance of Mr. Kinney's books lies in the portrayal of his characters. Gregory (the 'wimpy kid'), though he tries, doesn't always do the right thing but he does learn his lessons. His cohorts in the book, family, friends, teachers and schoolmates, are each uniquely fallible and fully human. All that being said, I honestly do think Diary of a Wimpy Kid really is destined to be a young adult classic.

Oh, and one final note: We got a boatload of Diary of a Wimpy kid temporary tattoos. So if your kid is already a fan, ask for some at the front register of our main store. Otherwise they are going to end up all over the Green Apple staff, and won't that look stupid.

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