Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go Listen to Some Music!

By day: book sellers, book buyers, book slingers.

By night: volunteers, students, poets, artists and musicians.

Green Apple is full of people who enjoy other activities other than books. And while the list of said activities could go on endlessly, there are two upcoming events you should know about...

Want to listen to some music tonight? Head over to the Revolution Cafe (22nd Street between Bartlett and Mission) at 9pm to listen to the sounds of the Mission Three. While he's not doing the truck run for the store, Cree Rider lends his voice and guitar skills this trio.

And what are you doing on Friday evening? You should be going to Slim's to see former (but always in our hearts) Green Apple employee, Aaron, play bass in the band Cryptacize, who are playing, along with the Fiery Furnaces. Dent May opens, show at 9pm.

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