Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bye, Dudes / Look How Awesome I've Been

This is officially my last blog entry for the Green Apple Core, and my last day as a Green Appler (for reals this time). I'm moving on to work full-time with my film company, French Press Films (shameless plug). It's been a crazy few years for sure, but my favorite part has definitely been creating the Green Apple commercials.

They started silly and low concept, but then eventually got more and more involved-- you try telling Daniel Handler that "this is the part where the cyborg army attacks."

I know we post that one a lot, sorry. The Kindle videos were huge for us, created by me, Pete, "Simple" Nick, "Internet Sensation" Stephen Sparks, and Alex & Joelle at 4SP Films. They're still raking in thousands of hits. As for the Book of the Month ads, almost every single commercial we've done has garnered responses from the authors (Still waiting for that call, Herzog!). You can watch them all on our YouTube channel here. My favorites are still "Little Bee", and "Conquest of the Useless".

(I'm the creepy dude on the right)

Working at Green Apple has been the best job I've ever had. I have friendships that will last me a lifetime, and piles of books that will last me throughout the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Whether you're a customer or a hard-workin' employee, remember that you are standing in the middle of one of the greatest bookstores on the planet.



Spiros said...

To quote the great Ian Holm: "F***ing guy! Sink your teeth into the ass of life!"
In other words, we'll miss having you around.

Liza P. said...

sad day!

S. Sparks said...

Best tag ever, Roman.