Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hairy diversions

I admit. It's a hectic week at Green Apple. As for our blogging team: one Green Appler's out after a bad bike accident (he looks like Frankenstein, but will be OK, and has learned the value of helmets). Another's on vacation, skiing in Tahoe. A third is moving on to pursue his film career. Another has a mean cold. And the rest of us are just trying to keep the books flowing and the register staffed. Such are the trials of this indy bookstore's blog team . . .

So to amuse you, gentle readers, for another day until we have something worthy to share, we offer our mustachios. I don't know quite how it started, but many male Green Applers grow a Christmas Eve mustachio. And most (but not all) shave the very next morning. First, here's 2008's posse.

And here's 12/24/2009:

We'll try to have something legitimately book related on the blog tomorrow, I assure you.

Oh, and can you spot the one fake mustachio in 2009's shot?


Anonymous said...

why doesn't the guy in the bottom left have a mustache?

(cc) said...

He does, but it's blond and thin, hard to see in the similarly tinted light... yuck.