Monday, July 19, 2010

Anyone read Japanese?

Found this ( on Twitter today and wondering what cruel things they're saying about our humble bookstore across the Pacific. Anyone willing to translate for us? Excerpt below:

日本でも扱っているところがあるかもしれません。McSweeney's というサンフランシスコの個性的な出版社が発行している文芸誌(?)です。毎号全然違う形態で、このNo.33は新聞形式。

スラスラっと 読めるようになりたいですけど、全然ダメですねー。


Stacy J. said...

Alas, I do not read Japanese. But, here's Google's crude translation

Sarah B. said...

According to Google (

I did not have much time, also drew attention. . .
May have been available in Japan. McSweeney's literary magazine publisher has issued a unique San Francisco (?) Is. In each issue very different form, this is a newspaper-style No.33.

I want to be able to read fluently Innovation, huh? Bad at all....

Kyoko said...

I wrote the post.
I think you seriously misunderstood it.
I'm very sad...and I love your bookstore.

I said,

I think the book looks interesting, but I can't read it smoothly ( Because I'm not good at English ). It's really too bad!

I'm sorry I can't translated it perfectly.

Pete said...

Oh, we did not mean to offend you. We were laughing at Google's terrible translation tool. It warms our collective heart when anyone writes kindly of our store. Thank you!
Pete & everyone at Green Apple

Kyoko said...

I thought "maybe so... maybe no...".
I was relieved to find that out.
Thank you.